Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Video Book Reviews Coming to Destiny Discover on 8/25

In just a couple days, on August 25, there is something very exciting coming to Destiny Discover!  

Although reviews have always been supported in Classic Destiny and Destiny Quest, the only reviews support in Destiny Discover were for Follett eBooks. Now that Destiny Discover is becoming the primary search and discovery interface for all Destiny Library Manager users (and non-Destiny Follett eBook users), Follett are expanding the book review support to ALL materials.  

The ability for our students to add reviews to all materials is going to make a big impact on our students, teachers and libraries. 

Here are some of the new highlights:  

***If users have entered book reviews in Classic or Quest, those reviews will now be accessible in Destiny Discover. 

***Destiny Discover will now support filters on rating (1 to 5 stars)

***In Destiny Discover, users can enter a longer review (up to 2000 characters) than we have supported in the past.  Follett made this improvement based on customer requests. 

***Librarians can determine who has rights to post reviews and can indicate they need to approve reviews before others can see them.
***And one of the MOST exciting highlightsDestiny Discover also supports the ability for users to specify a link to digital content and video content hosted elsewhere! 

For example, a YouTube video, Google Presentation or Google Document, Buncee, Padlet, etc.. can be added as part of your review. 

This will allow you to add digital book trailers to your catalog. 

Let me show you how this will look....
When you add a review, you can specify a rating, review text (up to 2000 characters), video title and video link. 
Once the review is approved by the librarian, it appears like this in Destiny Discover as you can see at the bottom of the screen.  
When you click on the review video content link, it plays in a new browser tab.  

In this review, a Buncee book review was added.  When the link is click, the Buncee pops up to play.
There is a filter that shows on the left hand side of search results for limiting by rating. 
And this is how the rating shows in the search results.  

As you can see, the new Destiny Discover updates can help to engage students on creating their content to share regarding the books they are reading and love.  It will give them ownership over the library collection and voice within the library and community.

It will make a difference too.  

Sock Puppets & Fairy Tales For Our Makerspaces!

Have you noticed the fun taking place lately at Capstone with a few new friends?  If you missed it, check out Capstone on Twitter or Instagram to take a peak. 

I sure have and it has been such a blast to watch as sock puppets are coming to life as part of the debut of the Sock Puppet Theatre series.  
In fact, this series is part of the new Dabble Lab books from Capstone, which as the logo says....Inspires the maker in every kid! 

The Dabble Lab line of books are filled with creativity and critical thinking, taking our makers to new level as they make, create, test, explore, perform and more.  

The website states, 

Each series allows makers to explore a given topic with a compelling mix of projects that are guided to a point, but ultimately open-ended as kids explore everything from the whys of suspension bridges to the delights of creating a puppet show.
Science Brain Builders — Engineering and computer science projects encourage students to make their own models and test different variables.
Project Passion — Crafting becomes the fifth C in this series that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.
Sock Puppet Theater — Check out the Capstone social media feeds to see how much fun this series has been at the office! In addition to its Makerspace themes, it’s an excellent resource for hard-to-find materials to meet standards involving scripts.

You can find out more here on the Capstone site. 
Tonight when I saw this tweet from my friend Molly O'Sullivan, I thought....Yes! The new Sock Puppet Theatre books would be the perfect resource to bring to our Makerspaces as our students are creating with socks and other old sweaters, hats and clothes too. 
When I tweeted back to Molly about these books,  I couldn't wait to take a closer look at these amazing new books too!  
In addition to Little Red Riding Hood...A Make and Play Production there is.... The Three Billy Goat Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 
and The Three Little Pigs.  
From the description, you can see that these books have so much to offer through...
a fun and engaging format throughout the book.

The Table of Contents shows that each book is packed full of not just ways to create sock puppets, but also....
 the Story of each,
 the Plot,
 the Cast and...
of course the sock puppet creation Supplies to Create....
 and Directions.  
And that's not it!  The description shares, 

As an added bonus, this book also includes a fun starter script, helpful acting and performance tips, and clever suggestions for making your play truly unique.  

Plus a Glossary, a place to Read More, Internet Sites and even Maker Space Tips!  How cool and helpful is that! 
The author Christopher L. Harbo has created something extra special for our makers.

By tying each book into a literacy maker experience through classic stories, these books are creating something unique and will bring meaningful connections to our Makerspaces and curriculum.  
We saw what the Sock Puppet Theatre series brought to our friends at Capstone.  
And it was SO MUCH FUN seeing the sock puppets that Marcy Morin, the main Craft Creator in the Capstone studio, created for the books. 

I can't wait to see what they bring to your library and classroom too. 
Now, as you are thinking about how you will be able to use the Sock Puppet Theatre series with your students, I thought of a couple more resources that would be super fun to use.  

The first is the Sock Puppets app for iPhone and iPad.  You can find that here free in the iTunes Store.  
With Sock Puppets, you can select different characters, 
and then record your very own little sock puppet production.  
I always loved using the Sock Puppets app with students.  You can even have up to 4 students on one device at a time with this app, because they can add 4 sock puppets.  

After they have finished their sock puppet production, it can be sent by a link or uploaded to YouTube. 
Here is one Hagan and his friend did when they were in 1st grade. It is called Let's Go To The Library.  They had so much fun.  

Read about this project on my blog
Second, I just have to include one of my all-time favorite read alouds by my friend Cece Bell...Sock Monkey Boogie-Woogie. 
There are three in the Sock Monkey series...You can check them out on Cece's site here.

Cece even created a little video so you can learn how to draw sock monkeys too. 
And last but not least, check out Pinterest for tons of sock puppet and even sock monkey ideas, patterns, lessons and projects.  

It is full of terrific ideas to go along with these books and the app.  
You can find the Sock Puppet Theatre Dabble Lab series on the Capstone site here.  These are available in print and as an eBook in Capstone Interactive.  

Have an awesome creating, preforming and learning with your sock puppets. 

And think of other ways you can tie literacy in your Makerspaces.  I know that after spending time with these books and resources, I can't stop thinking of the possibilities and fun! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Find A Book Is Part Of The Top Ten New Books With School Themes List!

One of my favorite weekly things to read is...
... from my friend Matthew Winner's wonderful blog
It is called Top Ten Tuesday.  

I just love seeing what books Matthew will bring together and reading about each one.  
Today I was so excited to see this post about the Top Ten Books With School Themes because my new book Find a Book was part of the 10 books he mentioned!  

It is such a honor to have Find a Book mentioned on Matthew's blog and to be part of this amazing list.  
These are the other new books with school themes that he mentioned too.
To find out more about Find a Book, which is part of the Library Skills series I wrote, you can visit the Cantata Learning site here.

You can even listen to Emily Arrow, who wrote and produced the music, sing Find a Book and the others too on the Cantata site.
Oh...and don't miss the super fun Find a Book video Emily made with this fun group of students in the library too!

Thank you again Matthew.  You made our day, friend. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Teach Your Students To Stay Safe Online With A Song and Story

This just made my day!  

My dear friend Marie received one of my new books, Staying Safe Online, in the mail today. 
I love this story and song!

Staying Safe Online teaches our youngest learners all about the online world and what they need to know to stay safe online and be productive, engaging digital citizens.   
Not only will they learn along with the adorable animal characters created by illustrator Kathryn Durst, they will sing along with Emily Arrow, who wrote and sang the music for Staying Safe Online and the other three books in this series, 

Click above to listen to Staying Safe Online.  

I just love how Emily took this story and made it into such a sweet and catchy tune for all of our young learners to sing as they learn how to stay safe online and practice their digital citizen skills.   

I know you will love it too!  
As you are singing along with your students, you will find the music.... 
...and lyrics in the back of the book and also on the Cantata Learning site. 
There is a CD in the back of the book (in fact, in all of the Cantata Learning books) or...
...the QR codes, which is on the back of the book and inside the book, can be scanned to go to the music....
...on the Cantata Learning site too.  

The music can be streamed, download and there is even an instrumental version of Staying Safe Online too. 

You will find Staying Safe Online here
Staying Safe Online is perfect to use when teaching your students simple digital citizenship skills and as you kick off another year.  

I hope you love reading and singing it just as much as I do.  
You will find it on the Capstone site here.  Soon it will be available in an ebook too.