Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Winter Collection of Resources, Songs, Stories and Fun!

I love all of the songs, stories, project ideas, lesson plans, craft ideas, recipes and more for the winter.  

I have brought these together a Collection for the Winter, which you can find here

Also, please let me know what we need to add yet.  You can add it as a comment to this post or tweet me at @shannonmmiller.  

Adding A Few Research Clues To Collections For Your Students

There is something new in Collections by Destiny that I love! 

We can now add images to truly personalize the items that we add to our Collections.  I wrote how to do this here.
Today when I was working on the Winter Collection I created to share with all of you, I added PebbleGo from Capstone. 

I realized that when adding PebbleGo to a Collection it would make more sense to add a picture and description of what you would like the students to research in that specific Collection. 
In this case, I took a screen shot of the Winter articles from PebbleGo Science. 
I then clicked on Edit Resource and uploaded the image (screen shot) of the PebbleGo Winter articles.  

Now when students and teachers see this in the Winter Collection, they will know exactly what to research in PebbleGo.

These little visual and textual clues truly help our students as they become better researchers and readers every day. 

Building Instructional Partnerships as Future Ready Librarians....Tell Us How You Do This!

As Future Ready Librarians, we are leaders within our library, school community and throughout our profession in many ways.  We design collaborative spaces, cultivate community partnerships,  facilitate professional learning, and so much more.

As we look at the Future Ready Librarians Framework, one of my favorite wedges is Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Included in this wedge is Curates Digital Resources and Tools, Empowers Students as Creators and Building Instructional Partnership. 

Today when I was working on a few Collections by Destiny for the holidays and winter, I thought a lot about the way we lead within this wedge throughout the year.  
When I was in the library, my role in partnering with the teachers became even bigger around this time of year....just like I always saw at the beginning of the year too.  Teachers were getting things wrapped up before a big holiday break and gearing up to kick off the second part of the school year and a brand new year with a bang.  Even though the time before any break can be a bit stressful, it can also be exciting,  refreshing and very rewarding for all.

It is a new start!  And a time for us as Future Ready Librarians to show our leadership skills by building instructional partnerships that last throughout the year.

So today, I thought it would be fun and helpful to brainstorm some ideas and new ways you can collaborate with your teachers in 2018!
I have created this Padlet that we can use.

You can go to the Building Instructional Partnerships Padlet here to share your ideas and ways that have worked as you collaborate with other educators in your school community.

Please share....We can't wait to be inspired by your ideas.  
To give you a little sneak peak at what I included, here is the Winter Collection by Destiny I added to the Padlet, 
along with ways to use Collections for building collaborative partnerships.  

Go to the Padlet now to see my other ideas and add yours.

Together we will become the best Future Ready Librarian leaders in 2018!